When traffic increases, as well as greenhouse gases, there is an increase in particulates. Particulates are microscopic "dust" that are generated by vehicle traffic. People will tell you that they are principally emitted from exhausts, and that as engines become cleaner, and hybrid and electric vehicles come into use, these levels will fall. However dust particulates are also generated by tyres and microscopic fragments from brake pads, clutch plates etc. Countries are currently still experiencing increasing levels, and particulates are known to aggravate respiratory conditions such as asthma, as well as impacting lung development in young children. WASP and some of it's members will be constructing air monitors and promoting their placement around the district. The cost of monitors is currently £40 (based only on cost of components) and they operate via domestic WiFi. More information to follow...

Map showing local particulate sensors
Live data from a Hailsham sensor