WASP is an Alliance of Planning and Green space interest groups dedicated to protecting and enhancing green spaces in Wealden by challenging both local and national policy makers on planning and policy adversely affecting quality of life in Wealden

SWOT is a WASP member and "sister" organisation and lives on Facebook. It has over 1,000 members and was the "original" team set up to influence the now-defunct 2015 Wealden Plan. You will find a lot of interesting input and discussion on the SWOT group page, which you can reach  HERE

East Hoathly - could your village be next?

Plans are for East Hoathly to dramatically increase in size  - even against the advice of a Wealden officer and over 1000 letters of objection.

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Government White Paper on Planning


Discover important facts about the proposals in the White paper  HERE

As much as we are concerned about the number of houses being built, we are equally concerned about the environmental issues which arise from the building. Since 75% of jobs for new homes in Wealden involve commuting, and roads are generally NOT being improved, then traffic pollution is a real consequence, and of special significance is the increase in particulates. WASP is very involved in this, and in the coming months we plan to increase the monitoring of particulates across the district, enabling us to see very quickly if levels rise as building and traffic increase.
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Wealden District Council have released their SHELAA (Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment). This shows all land which has come forward for consideration for potential development, though it's inclusion should not be taken as a firm pointer that it will be developed.

For the existing 2019 document, please click HERE

For a guide to the new map and to see new sites under consideration, click HERE

Housing Charity SHELTER now tells us that 40% of houses with Planning permission never get built, and that Planning permission is clearly NOT the problem



Currently Wealden will be planning to build a MINIMUM of 1231 houses PER ANNUM - 24620 over 20 years - which would increase the number of houses in Wealden by about 37%. The figure may be higher if Wealden are forced to build extra numbers for neighbouring areas such as Eastbourne. This is in spite of ONS (Office of National Statistics) figures which show Wealden population would only expect to rise by about 10.5%  over the same period.

This is an increase from 450 houses per annum  which Wealden had as a target in their 2013 Core strategy - so almost TRIPLE

Since May this year Planning Applications have been received  for 2634 new properties. This means Planning Permission could soon be granted for over 8,800 houses which are as yet unbuilt. The fact is developers control the market and decide what’s good for them and when to build.

Developers continue to plan homes which are not the kind of housing we need in Wealden. In South Wealden, assessed housing need states that the area ideally requires about 80% 1 and 2 bedroom properties to balance the housing stock, whilst developers ignore this genuine demand and submit plans for developments with 70-80% 3 and 4 bedroom homes.

By contrast, in North Wealden, development is creeping onto the AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). In fact over 50% of Wealden is protected as within the High Weald AONB, Pevensey Levels and Ashdown Forest Special Area of Conservation. So where will all this development take place? A field near you?

It's also calculated that Wealden can only supply about 25% of the required jobs for the new population - meaning that new residents will either be remote workers or commuters. So where is the infrastructure, and how do we provide integrated infrastructure to thousands of commuters in an area which has declared a Climate emergency?


Then we hope you might find our basic guide to Planning terminology might be helpful.

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Wealden will no longer "send letters to neighbours" for Planning applications. Read about the changes, and find out how you can search Planning Applications HERE

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